Digital Experiences in the Context of Digital Business provides ‘great‘ customer digital experiences which implies providing a fast, responsive and frictionless experience                                                      for consumers as they switch between channels in their journey towards becoming clients. Brands with great DCX provide a                                                        cohesive and consistent online experience that delights their customers.                                                                                                                                                          They have two main features: they employ digital technology and they let single user to engage with an entity, generally corporation.  Customers, partners, and workers that connect with organisations via mobile apps, websites, and smart devices all receive digital experiences.

" Digital experiences strategy is a customer-needs-driven initiative, not an IT-driven project. There's a big difference between using digital technology to improve customer experiences and better answer consumer requirements and really leveraging it to do so."

It takes more than technology to turn anything into digital experience. 
Reading scan of paper document, for example, isn’t suitable interaction  to include in the scope of this definition because it doesn’t provide any more
 experience value above reading physical copy.
Digital experiences should be viewed as processes that do tasks that a physical process cannot. scanned document, textual information, like sheet of paper may communicate  however digitally enhanced pdf can include cross-references to other papers, right-click definitions, online collaborations, auto-translations, and digital signatures.
Digital experiences

Business Benefits of DCX excellence

Digital experiences

An exceptional digital client experience is no longer a luxury. Every      business relies on it as a key distinction. Customers are more engaged, happy, and loyal to brands that integrate the three fundamental components of outstanding goods, strong digital experiences, and unforgettable human relationships.

Here are some more indicators to keep track on and improve:

  • Higher customer
  • retention Reduced
  • customer churn rates
  • Higher lifetime customer
  • value Greater brand
  • equity Reduced costs of service

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