Livsite in Education is the world’s leading brand in education IT sector. provides digital services to colleges , schools and universities, wellness digital program and opportunities to learn meditation, yoga and focus techniques will add tremendous value to the new generations. Building healthy relationships with students is an important part of the role of educators. Teachers take on the responsibility of providing guidance and ensuring that students have a safe place to learn 

Changing the way we think about education

The world is changing at breakneck pace, and so are the skills that students will need to be job-ready when they graduate. 
Educators can focus on offering tailored learning experiences that help students achieve higher learning outcomes thanks                                         to inexpensive and easy-to-manage technology that changes classroom time.

Support a hybrid learning environment

In order to transition to remote learning environment,      you must first create an online classroom. Livsite Teams  for Education offers free online classroom for schools  and colleges to help students and instructors find new  methods to stay focused on studying.

Online Education Consulting Services

When people understand their capabilities and are taught  how to maximise their usefulness, technology solutions  produce the best outcomes. We use proven teaching  techniques, cognitive research and education, quality  rubrics, and years of relevant expertise to help you get  the most out of your solutions.

Training & Certification

Make sure your trainers, academic professors, corporate instructors, course designers, and  system administrators have the expertise they need to create engaging courses for all  learners while also getting the most out of your technology investments.


Course Design, Development & Review

Develop and expand your online initiatives while adhering to industry best practises. 
Learn how instructional designers, professors, and corporate trainers engage their                                                                                                  students in variety of methods.

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