What is Customer Experience?

The total of customer’s encounters with company and its products or services is referred to as the customer experience. It is company’s image in the  eyes of its customers. Customer Experience (CX) is described by Forrester as “how customers view their interactions with your organisation.”It might range  from  just perusing website to obtaining customer service for specific issue. Customer experience isn’t confined to single interaction medium or even single  encounter. It is, rather, the sum of all customer-company interactions measured throughout the course of the customer lifetime. Improving the client experience is something  that all organisations should strive for. This is owing to the current age’s ever-increasing client demands.
Let’s face it, customers are constantly eager for more, and providing product or service that makes customer say, “Oh, that was alright,” isn’t 
smart idea. firm should attempt to go above and beyond to meet and surpass the expectations of its customers.

Livsite.com provides world’s number 1 customer service provider. Customer experience is a customers‘ holistic perception of their experience with              your business or brand. Customer experience is the result of every interaction of a customer  with your business, from navigating the website to talking              to customer service and receiving the product/service they bought from you. Livsite.com provides all kinds of stats and trends. Livsite.com also            Improves your customer experience strategy. 

Customer Experience

CX includes three main components:

1. Customer ServiceCustomer Assistance, Customer Success, and self service support are all examples   of places when your customer engages with your staff.

2. TechnologyThis is the product itself, including how it operates and the points of involvement.

3. Design: This is the brand touchpoint – the marketing, design, and emotions that your brand evokes in your customers.

CX Journey Stages :

As part of his customer journey, client interacts with firm and goes through different stages:

  1. Awareness / Interest
  2. Discovery
  3. Attraction
  4. Interaction / Action
  5. Purchase
  6. Use
  7. Cultivation
  8. Advocacy

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