Finance Consulting for Challenging Times

Finance Consulting services with is the world’s number 1 Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) solutions support provider to offices, corporate, companies and small businesses of finance’s budgeting, planning and forecasting efforts. Many also supplement the office’s budgeting and planning process support with modeling, collaboration analytics and performance-reporting capabilities, to increase its ability to manage performance by linking corporate strategy and execution. The FP&A market is accelerating its shift from mature on-premises offerings to cloud solutions. New solutions built or significantly rearchitected as cloud services are typically easier to use and maintain than the previous generation of on-premises offerings. The vast majority of new FP&A sales are cloud-based. On-premises options still exist, but all vendors have greatly de-emphasized them or eliminated them entirely from their sales process. All the vendors in this market sell and support cloud-based FP&A solutions.

Finance Consulting
Finance Consulting

Transform your finance operations with Livsite finance consulting services

We assist you in transforming your organization’s finance operations, from improving the efficiency of your financial planning processes  to developing smart functions with intelligent workflows capable of finding, connecting, and analysing data to uncover deep insights  that can help you make better decisions. We advise and manage end-to-end processes in collaboration with our clients.

Benefits of finance consulting services

Reduce operating costs

With Livsite methodology, you can find ways to boost operational productivity.

Drive business value

Improve forecast accuracy and cash collection by  leveraging data and technology.

Boost compliance

With intelligent processes that monitor and  reduce risks, you can increase the amount  of money you are paid on time.

Finance consulting services

Finance consulting
Livsite Services develops shared-services digital banking 
goals. We operate in customised Center of Excellence (CoE) 
that combines new technology with traditional business  processes to achieve genuine corporate transformation. 
Clients and IBM professionals collaborate to build   
one-of-a kind strategies and solutions to establish new ways of working, aided by our IBM Garage approach.
Record to analyze
Intelligent record-to-analyze procedures may help enhance 
controls, forecast accuracy, and financial investment  decisions while also shortening the closure cycle and 
lowering risk in financial reporting. The intelligent processes 
provide the financial organisation with dramatically simplified, 
unified end-to-end experience that enables for continuous closure.
Lead to cash
Intelligent processes from lead to cash improve customer  experiences, optimise working capital, and give real-time 
insight and end-to-end revenue and cash flow management. 
IBM’s lead-to cash solution works like a smart pipeline  accelerator, giving customers complete insight throughout  the sales process and allowing for strategic end-to-end 
business value.
Source to pay
Intelligent workflows from source to pay make use of
exponential technologies to digitise operations, give 
insight and sourcing information, and improve user 
experience, resulting in increased savings and growth. 
We provide user friendly interface, personalised learning, and microservices-based architecture.

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