Intelligent Operating Model

Operational Model is a visualisation (a model or set of models, maps, tables, and charts) that describes how a company runs in order to provide value to its customers or beneficiaries. provides operating model which typically include an IT blueprint, locations maps, a supplier matrix, people models, decision grids and other elements such as a scorecard for assessing performance. The particular set of documents created will depend on what the operating model is being used for.

Operating Model
Operating Model

Build a Strategically Aligned Operating Model

Companies that have Capabilities Driven Strategy have fantastic  starting point for building their  operational model since they know what they want to do and can specify how they want to do it.

Before establishing the “how,” Strategy& recommends starting with Capabilities-Driven Strategy to
develop clarity about the “what.” After it is in place, we work with clients to create an operational model 
that will help them realise their strategy by establishing the organisational imperatives for:
  • 1. Delivering the value proposition
  • 2. Building the company’s differentiating capabilities
  • 3. Executing its strategic priorities

Adapting to a New Range of Challenges

Build new business models

Implement variety of new business models  while maintaining commitment to established  ones.

Optimize digital transformation

Create agile teams, talent, and procedures                to support successful AI, cloud, and other  technology adoption.

Reduce complexity and cost

To enhance efficiency and decision-making, strike the proper mix of          automated and  human activity.

Integrate M&As

Integrate new companies and provide flexible  ways to collaborate with more external partners.

Inspire innovation

Create practises that encourage risk-taking in an environment where autonomy          and experimentation are valued.

Build human-centered organizations

To create world class consumer and employee experiences, use data   and insights to customise your    operational model.

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