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Sustainability focuses on fulfilling current demands without jeopardising future generations’ capacity to meet their own. provides the          Sustainable IT program which is a joint effort between the Department of Sustainability and Energy Management and Information Technology Services          and includes targeted address to address sustainability issues for both IT equipment and the facilities that house these systems, as well as provide    resources for individuals looking to efficiently manage technology. The ultimate goals are to increase the efficiency of our IT infrastructure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by computing and IT-related activities. 

The sustainability imperative

As stakeholders demand more environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts, regulations tighten and consumers increasingly expect brands                    to take action, organizations must now demonstrate that they are purposeful about sustainability, hold strong ethical standards and operate responsibly            in everything they do. To incorporate sustainability and generate significant change that is beneficial for business, society, and the planet, organisations and brands are  looking to their partners—as well as technology and innovation. To help organisations reach their sustainability goals, our specialist teams offer extensive experience and industry expertise to create and execute strategies, operating models, processes, and technology.


Rising to the challenge

Our six services are designed to assist you in addressing your most pressing sustainability issues and realising the competitive  advantage and impact that sustainability can provide:

1. Net zero industry transitions

The goal of achieving net zero carbon      emissions  is no longer optional. Making  them real and apparent  is the difficulty.          Livsite can quickly mobilise actionable              steps toward such objectives. We take              use of  digitization’s potential to improve  business models.

2. IT and technologies

Although digital technology is genuine  facilitator of sustainability, it has significant energy consumption impact. 
Livsite tackles two pressing issues: how                to utilise technology more responsibly          and how to use technology as tool for sustainability.

3. Responsible, circular value chains

Organizations must transition to responsible      and circular value and supply chains if they are to have an influence on the sustainability agenda. 
Livsite creates effect by including sustainability  into every aspect of the design process, resulting  in trustworthy, net-zero, and circular value chains.

4Data, decision-making and performance

What company measures has an impact          on what it does. From CEO and CFO  dashboards to operational decisions, Livsite delivers the tools, technology,  and processes to enable organisations  establish the sustainability ledger            alongside the  financial ledger.

5. Leadership development, talent & organization

Committing to sustainability is more than        simply  one-time event. It’s all about putting in place the systems and cultures that ensure  that  sustainability is baked into everything business does. Livsitetransforms  the way          people work with long term effect by  using the latest organisational design ideas.

Brand, design and customer experience

Consumers — and B2B customers today expect sustainability. 
This isn’t simply show of good faith; 
it’s an unwillingness to compromise. 
Livsite helps companies offer experiences
that meet customers where they are on
their sustainability journeys by combining
deep  knowledge and expertise with technology.

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