Digital Engineering Services

Digital engineering : Businesses must innovate quickly while cutting costs and handling the complexity of new and current technology in today’s world. helps customers achieve digital transformation at scale, enhance performance, and stay ahead of the competition by combining engineering best practises and industry knowledge.  Now is the time to start planning for the future. Businesses must reimagine how to integrate people, processes, and data together for greater business outcomes. Livsite provides the expertise and experience needed to develop smarter solutions, increase engagement, and convert businesses into digital leaders.

Livsite assists Plant Owners in using the potential of digital engineeringto increase efficiency, productivity, ease of operations, metric visualisation, cyber-attack protection, plant maintenance/support, and cost reduction throughout your business.

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Digital Engineering
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Services

It can help you accelerate your A.I. journey & unlock true business value.

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Digital Engineering
Internet of Things (IoT)

We provide IoT solutions that deliver efficiencies for our clients across customers experience.

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Digital Engineering
Digital Process Automation

Digital Process Automation practice collaborates with the large & minimum scale enterprises.

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We engage with our customers in:

Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering Product

Developing creative goods necessitates a flexible attitude as well as the      use of developing technology. We collaborate with our clients on design, proof-of-concept, MVP launch, and re-engineering for future products.

We enable clients to accelerate their digital transformation journey        through highly optimized digital products that are tailored to their needs.    Our customer-centric and agile approach to digital product engineering leverages integrated disruptive technologies – AI/ML, Data Analytics,      Cloud, and IoT, combined with design thinking to deliver experience-        centric software products for today’s digital economy.


Digital Engineering Applications

Today, every user, even an internal user of business software, may be a consumer. We employ design thinking, agile techniques, and cutting-edge technology to create user-friendly digital apps.

Digital apps are a strong communication tool because they help businesses to achieve their entire communication objectives. In digital marketing, they enable brands to engage with a large number of internet users and promote themselves in a digital environment.

Emerging Technologies

Companies frequently question how they might take advantage of developing technologies such as the Internet of Things, augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. We have vetted these technologies and use our experience to leapfrog your product or solution.

Emerging digital technologies have generated new opportunities while creating new legal challenges, particularly related to copyrights, trademarks, patents, royalties, and licensing. For example, the development of new digital communication technologies and media has given rise to novel issues relating to the digital reproduction and distribution of copyrighted works


  • –>  Sensorization
  • –>  Data Engineering & Analytics
  • –>  Integrated Manufacturing Supply Chain
  • –>  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
  • –>  Connectivity Solutions
  • –>  Integrated Asset Management
  • –>  Integrated Content Management
  • –>  Compute Vision
  • –>  Cloud & Mobile Enablement
  • –>  Manufacturing Operations Management
  • –>  Robotics for Industrial Automation
  • –>  System Engineering & Integration
  • –>  User Experience Design (UxD)
  • –>  Cyber Security
  • –>  AR/VR

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