The automotive ecosystem is undergoing significant changes as result of major developments like as connection, electrification, and shared mobility. 
OEMs and Tier firms are already considering how to adapt their product strategies to changing industry demands and embrace new business models. 
Vehicle data has evolved into game-changing asset that has accelerated digital transformation for all participants in the sector. provides automotive plans to industries, corporate companies which comprises a wide range of services for companies and organizations. is also involved in designing, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of automated motor vehicles websites and applications.              It is one of the world’s largest industries by revenue.

Autonomous Driving & ADAS

Utilize your expertise in digital  mapping, ADAS engineering,  machine learning, and artificial  intelligence algorithms to create  highly automated and adaptable  driving systems.

Digital Cockpit

Develop driver-centric HMI and NDS-based navigation systems for connected and driverless cars with real-time and centimeter-accurate mapping solutions.

Connectivity & Telematics

To assure connected automobile  experience, accelerate vehicle  connectivity with IoT, sensor data  processing, and strong cloud  infrastructure.

Automotive Backend Systems

Improve the speed of your  programme using cloud-based DevOps while effectively  aggregating and analysing large  amounts of vehicle data.

Automotive Software Development Services

We’ve been supplying production-grade software to OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers all around the world for years. Automotive manufacturers entrust                        us with developing connected vehicle and autonomous driving software that is safe, adaptable, and AI-based. To do so, we rely on our deep                                expertise in automotive software development, platform development, systems integration, cloud services, and backend systems.

Automotive Software Development
Intellias’ primary competency is software  development. We’ve been delivering end-to-end software projects for in vehicle systems and creating sophisticated data
platforms for the autonomous driving 
ecosystem .
Automotive Software Testing
Our quality control and testing procedures    adhere  to industry standards and are never compromisedEvery piece of code is        thoroughly tested, whether in a simulated 
environment, on actual hardware, or in the field with real automobiles. We use cloud          based DevOps to improve software  quality and reduce the development lifecycle.  This enables for automated testing and  continuous integration.
UI/UX Design

Our driver centric approach to designing and building human machine interface (HMI)        systems, which are used by millions of drivers,  has resulted in “remarkably stress free navigation software,”according to Top Gear.  We conduct meticulous user research to optimise all aspects of the driving experience    for each user.

Big Data and Data Processing
Livsite specialises in developing large data  processing solutions for the automobile    industry. We know how to analyse large  amounts of data  from in-vehicle sensors    and real-time traffic data. We can develop relevant analytics dashboards for speedier decision making thanks to our data  visualisation skills.
DevOps and Cloud-based Development
At Livsite, we use our DevOps development  methodology to assist automotive businesses  in getting the most out of high performance cloud infrastructures.We use Amazon Web  Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud  Platform, and other cloud services to provide  scalability, continuous innovation, and  improved efficiency for automotive software.
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
To create in vehicle intelligence, provide smart routing, enable object and pedestrian  identification, and strengthen predictive decision-making, Livsite employs machine learning (ML)  and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. 
Adopting machine learning and artificial  intelligence improves environmental      forecasting,resulting in safer connected and  autonomous cars.

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