What Is Management Software and What Does It Mean?

Management Software is planned to streamline and automate the management systems to decrease the intricacy of big projects and assignments, just as to energize or help collaboration, coordinated effort, furthermore, precise project reporting.

This category includes the following types of software:
  • 1. Financial 
  • 2. Project 
  • 3. People 
  • 4. Network 

Demonstrated by Livsite

Livsite is the world’s top management system. Livsite gives a wide range of IT arrangements to the board which helps the organization of an association, regardless of whether it is a business, a not-revenue driven association, or government body. Our management incorporates the exercises of setting the procedure of an association and planning the endeavors of its workers to achieve its targets through the utilization of accessible assets, for example, financial, natural, technological, and HR.


What is Workforce Management (WFM) Software?

The goal of WFM is to schedule and keeping a track on employees. The objective is to allocate and disperse labour in the most convenient and efficient manner possible. This is especially important for firms that employ workers who work in shifts, such as call centres and service companies.

WFM Software Features & Capabilities
  1. Time and attendance tracking

  2. Labor scheduling

  3. Compliance monitoring (e.g. with labor laws)

  4. Leave management

  5. Staffing optimization

  6. Task management

  7. Employee self-service, including time off requests and peer-to-peer shift trades



WFM Comparison

1. Point Solution versus HCM suite : Numerous WFM highlights might be found in bigger human assets the board programming bundles. One of the HCM suites might be more proper assuming you really want a workforce management feature including just as broad HR abilities.

2.Industry-explicit or general: Most of the labour management software incorporates basic planning, scheduling and attendance features that might be utilized across areas. Assuming you work in an industry with a specific workforce blend, for example, one with critical turnover or profoundly controlled time sensitive exercises, using an answer fit to your area can assist you with further developing productivity and consistency. A less customised arrangement might be a superior match assuming your staff isn’t particular to your area.

3.Usability: How straightforward is it for managers and laborers to comprehend and use the item? The lower the boundary to worker self service for systems like schedule requests, time card access, and attendance tracker, the less managerial work your organization should do.


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