Communications, Media, and Technology (CMT)

Communications, Media, and Technology (CMT) associations face changing dangers as the stakes become bigger. You can more readily oversee risks and shield your association with the legitimate instruments, information, and experiences. Livsite gives a wide range of communications, media, and technology (CMT) services for corporate organizations and private companies to deal with a wide range of risk management that can be tested essentially in light of the fact that the stakes are so high. Livsite is one of India’s bigcommunications, media and technologies service provider.



Hazard management may be tough for communications, media, and technology (CMT) companies simply because the risks are so high. The services you provide are utilized by a variety of client business processes. The capability to get possibilities provided by technology in an instantly changing environment — while managing risks — is not easy to success. Data revelations and other cyber risks are spreading more now . Livsite provides industry-driving leading risk evaluation tools, information, analytics, and innovations that can assist you with understanding and managing these risks.We assess and arrange risks, then design its solution as per your organization’s particular risk profile by using the innovations and the CMT sector’s mere comprehensive database. As the outcome, you’ll have a better understanding of your risk management techniques, lesser number of operating expenses, and less volatility.

Software and IT Services

Risk problems are predominant in different areas of programming and data innovation (IT) administrations, including technical errors and omissions (E&O), the board/chiefs and officials responsibility, property harm, business interference, and consolidations and acquisitions.

  1. Industry diagnostics2. E&O advisory
  2. Property advisory
  3. The board responsibility advisory
  4. M&A and capital market solutions
  5. Multinational warning


Multiple parts of the media industry are prone to risk issues. Liability (libel, defamation, unauthorized access of material/copyright infringement, and so on); information security and web privacy; and organization interruption/loss due to device or other property losses are only a few of the reasons.

  1. CMT diagnosis
  2. Errors and omissions (E&O) warning
  3. Property warning
  4. Management liability warning.
  5. Mergers and investments and capital market services.

Hardware and Electronic Components

Hazard issues can happen in an assortment of regions in the equipment and electronic parts sectors, including business interference/misfortune because of hardware or other property harm, the management responsibility issues, and consolidations and acquisitions.

  1. CMT diagnostics
  2. Property warning
  3. Management responsibility warning
  4. Mergers and acquisitions and capital market arrangements
  5. Multinational advisory
  6. Workers’ pay claims advisory

Communications Services

Business interference/misfortune because of infrastructure and hardware issues; staff wellbeing concerns; information security and cyber protection; and technical errors and oversights are for the most part troublesome risk issues in the interchange administrations field (E&O).

  1. CMT diagnostics.
  2. Property warning.
  3. Technical errors and omissions (E&O) warning.
  4. Laborers’ pay claims warning.
  5. Management responsibility warning.
  6. Consolidations and acquisitions and capital market arrangements.

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